Saturday, August 02, 2008

another photo shoot

Jane and I broke the law (I know, AGAIN) and drove her car down onto the bikepath to haul the equipment necessary to have a successful photo shoot for ... for ... publicity. The results were mixed. For some reason, I thought the "wet look" had come back and poured water from an old coke bottle on my head every 5 minutes. Other than that, I had my typical 4-minute makeup routine going on (I love LASH BLAST). Jane thought that putting my makeup on in the car AND changing my shirt on the railroad tracks were two events that really could've happened in the privacy of our home but she and I just don't always see things the same way. Here are a few of the results. My 14 year old niece Sophie had the Jonas Brothers scanned onto her cake--- (Ok, I had Shaws scan them onto her cake) and although she liked the results, if only I had had these pix for that fine birthday event......alas.