Thursday, February 25, 2010

Vermont Comedy Club - -

You don't have to be a member to attend this show (on Sat. March 6th) - at Higher Grounds, but I think you'll get free water if you are...Some guys I know (and like) have put together a very nice website - and are producing a 'hilarious' lineup of comics - and calling it The Vermont Comedy Club at Higher Ground. I'm one of the comics on the 6th. Some of the dick humor at HG leaves me wanting too much alcohol, or, if I can't get the bartender's eye, I just head for the door. These guys are not "like that" - they have no menopause jokes, however, and they wouldn't know a pair of Isis capris if they walked into them, but they're funny - they're men, and I like them. Avi Waring does too - and she'll be performing as well...Come see us - Nathan Hartswick, John Lyons and Chad Smith as we all take part in the inauguration of 'The Club' - M.