Saturday, March 13, 2010

Vermont Comedy Divas - next show!!!!!!!!!

Well! We've got a swell show lined up for this Saturday, March 20th. 8:30pm at Higher Ground. If you've never been to one of our shows at HG - it goes sort of like this - you come with a bunch of friends who (like you) have "never been to this Higher Ground place" - go to dinner first - downtown if you like or Moe's if you prefer to be heckled before a comedy show -"Welcome to Moe's" - park in the expansive parking lot that says, I've arrived! -remember to thank your designated driver - "Patti - this is so great - I hate driving around and around looking for a place when I go to the Flynn..." - Come inside the warm, friendly hustle and bustle - look around and see that your kids and their annoying pals are NOT here ("Thank God for that, Patti! Right?") get a seat, no- get a drink - then a seat - and ENJOY 4 women who are justlikeyou/notatalllike you/justlikeyourcousinJuli who really does make every damn family holiday palatable.
It's an idea. Then again, you could take a bus by yourself, stand at the back with no beverage and blog about how you much prefer FLYNN events. Your pick. Just be there.