Wednesday, June 23, 2010

That Black Door

Wednesday, July 14th - 8:30pm - The Black Door Bistro - Montpelier.
I know I know. it's killing me that the late-June event I planned for my living room got cancelled by my girlfriend. I had snacks and beverages and chairs and a microphone and EVERYTHING! But she got wind of it (I was sure we had discussed it) late and informed me that, "Jesus, Martha !!!! What were you thinking???? That's the night of the Real Housewives of New York Reunion Part 3!!!!!" Thank Christ SOMEBODY was on top of that....Whewww. I'd have had no problem pulling the plug on my self, but can you imagine if one or more of you THOUGHT you could stay and watch???? CRAZY SH*T. next show is OUT OF TOWN - or RIGHT IN TOWN if you live in Montpelier - Quit your whining about driving there - it's SUMMER and the drive is beautiful! And besides, the food at the Black Door is delicious! You can sit outside, dine leisurely, and then come inside and laugh and laugh. It's no Bethanny and Jill (reality tv reference) but I can only do so much. Hope you can make it. I'm traveling a bit these days....The kind people of Minneapolis enjoyed my humor. I hope you will too. And if you don't, well, buy me a beverage and we can discuss your feelings.
Later -- Martha - oh and above are two identical pics of some people who DID make the pilgrimage to Montpelier and then, mid-dine - posed for a nice picture! Look what can happen when you get out of town!
Oh, and Kathleen Kanz, Tracie Spencer and a guy named Jason will perform as well. Check the website for his last name - I've got some kind of reality art show to watch. Yeah. Art. ON TV!!! I never thought tv would be THIS GOOD!!!!!!